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Kanmo Gift Cards are available at all Kanmo Stores

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Kanmo Gift Card (hereinafter, the Card) is the property of KANMO GROUP Indonesia, hereinafter, KANMO GROUP, the issuer thereof, the holder of the Card being a mere depositary.
  2. The Card can be used to purchase any goods for sale in any of the KANMO GROUP points of sale located in the territory of Indonesia, it cannot be used in stores of any other country.
  3. The price of the Card can be paid by any of the means of payment accepted by KANMO GROUP.
  4. Any outstanding balance of the Card shall not be refunded, or exchanged for cash.
  5. The Card can be used as often as the holder thereof would like while it is valid and until the total amount has been used up. Kanmo Gift Card is not applicable for top up.
  6. The remaining balance on the Card from time to time available shall be the difference between the balance prior to the purchase and the relevant amount used up in such purchase. Where the purchase price is in excess of the available balance on the Card, the difference may be paid in cash or through any other payment means accepted by KANMO GROUP.
  7. The remaining balance on the Card is shown on the cash register receipt every time a purchase is made with the Card. Prior to leaving the point of sale, the user of the Card must check the amount shown on the receipt. Unless evidence is given to the contrary, the balance of the card from time to time available shall be the one determined by the card reader used at KANMO GROUP’s points of sale.
  8. Products purchased with the Card are subject to the same exchange and return policy as any other products purchased at KANMO GROUP stores.
  9. Any merchandise returns using Kanmo Gift Card to purchase will not entail crediting back the card but rather replace the merchandise with other merchandise.
  10. The Card shall be valid for a 2-years period from the date of purchase. At the expiry of the validity period, the Card cannot be renewed, or used to purchase goods, nor shall any unused remaining balance in the card be claimed.
  11. The Card is a bearer instrument. Its holder shall be solely responsible for the use and custody of the Card. KANMO GROUP shall not replace the Card in case of theft, loss of damage thereof.
  12. Cards originally obtained through any unlawful means shall be null and void and they shall not be used to purchase goods, nor shall the price thereof be refunded.
  13. The Gift Card shall not be used for the purposes of advertising or promoting goods and/or services marketed by any third party other that the issuer of the card, unless prior written consent is given by this latter.
  14. The purchase and/or use of the Card entails the full acceptance of these terms and conditions, which have been made available to the customer online at bit.ly/KanmoGiftCard/


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